Our mission: To provide musical care through the use of iPods to improve the Mental, Emotional, and Social well-being of those who are Affected By Alzheimer's and Other types of dementia.

Connecting Generations Through Music

Project Playback uses music therapy to bring back the memories of nursing home residents suffering from dementia. We create personalized playlists for each individual with music deigned to have the most effect on their mental, social, and emotional heath. This project is so much more than music therapy. The connection that residents form with students is almost as powerful as the music itself. Click Here To Learn More...

United Way Of York County

Project Playback is partnering with the United Way of York County to help promote youth volunteerism in our community. Through this partnership, we are working to establish programs in other local nursing homes to create more opportunities to engage youth in service to their community. To learn more about the United Way of York County, click here.

U.S. Cellular: The Future Of Good

Project Playback has been awarded by U.S. Cellular as part of their Future of Good program. This program recognizes youth who are making a positive impact in their community. As part of this program, we have received new materials (iPods, Headphones, etc.) to create 3 new programs in our area. They also created a short video about our project which you can watch below. Click here to learn more about the Future of Good.